Work shoes without steel cap

  • Waterproof skin
  • Fast release buckle
  • Reflective straps
  • Composite cap and natal protection
  • Shoe inside: good air circulation due to vapor permeability.
  • Sole: The double layer is made of polyurethane, antistatic, acid-resistant, oil-resistant and also resistant to skidding with the energy absorber in the heel.
  • Used in the metal industry, wood processing industry, auto industry, etc ...
  • Leather belly-Shoe interior: coated with textile abrasion-resistant and vapor-proof
  • Composite protective cap and non-metallic protective sheet
  • Đon: double layer made of polyurethane, ie thermopolyurethane and its main features are oil and oil resistance, anti-static, anti-static
  • Energy absorber in the fifth part.
  • The shoe has reflective details, suitable for various activities such as petrochemistry, construction, metal industry ...
  • Leather work shoes
  • Without a steel cap
  • Sole: double-layered density that is also antistatic.
  • Inner layer: a very soft and flexible stool that provides great comfort and long wearing of this shoe
  • Exterior layer: double-density polyurethane.
  • facing bovine skin
  • Non-metallic composite protective cap and textile non-insulating cartridge in nylon
  • Sole: a double layer polyurethane having good anti-static and anti-skid properties and good oil and oil resistance, in the heel area there is an energy absorber as well as additional polyurethane protection on the front of the shoe
  • Language and replaceable cartridge installed.
  • Broken bovine leather in brown color
  • No metal caps - Scotchlite ™ reflective details in the heel area
  • Sole: a two layer polyurethane that has good oil resistance, in the heel area there is an energy absorber while in the front of the shoe there is additional polyurethane protection
  • Language and replaceable cartridge installed.
Protective Shoe - "Sixton" - CUPRA
  • Type: Low shoe, O2, without steel cap
  • Top: Water-soft soft bovine skin
  • Setup: Blurry 320gr / m2 Smooth and Soft, DualMicro
  • Insole: Anatomic, antibacterial, removable
  • Sole: SRC anti-skid, double-density polyurethane, antistatic, oil-resistant and oil-resistant
  • EN ISO 20347: 2011

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