Combined gloves

  • Knitted seamless gloves made of nylon (15GG), with elastic rubber on the palm and fingers and elastic cuff, excellent vapor permeability and excellent adhesion to the hand.
  • They are most commonly used in the construction industry, the machinery industry, the glass industry, etc.
  • Knit seamless gloves made of cotton blend and polyester with PVC dots on the palm and anti-slip fingers have an elastic cuff.
  • They are most often used in warehouses, packaging and transport, and the like.
  • This glove offers the carrier the necessary protection of the hand, but also provides comfortable wearing.
  • A seamless poly cotton jacket and molding eliminate spacious, unpleasant seams that provide better airiness and less fatigue.
  • This glove is made in a combination of leather and cotton. Soft goat skin on palm and fingers, cotton sweatshirt, elastic cuff.
  • They are most commonly used in the mechanical engineering industry.
  • Seamlessly woven protective gloves made of polyester fibers.
  • A smooth layer of nitrile is on the palm and fingers.
  • Reljefast texture for better anti-slip properties and great feelings at work.
  • EN 388 4122
  • Seamless knit gloves with very elastic characteristics.
  • The palm and fingers have a foamy, microporous, vapor-permeable latex layer
  • They have elastic cufflinks
  • They are most commonly used in the construction industry
  • EN 388 4121
  • Knitted seamless gloves made of polyester
  • On the palm and fingers there is a layer of smooth nitrile
  • It has elastic cuffs
  • They are most commonly used when working with damp and nail objects
  • EN 388 4121
  • The nitrile coating on this glove provides improved abrasion resistance.
  • The open back of the glove allows hands to breathe, which helps with hand fatigue
  • EN420
  • Gloves made of 13g nylon and carbon fiber for redirecting static electricity
  • The tips of the fingers are wetted to enable them to be very precise
  • EN 420
  • Material made of black nylon
  • Coat of blue latex on the palm
  • It has elastic cuffs
  • EN 388

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